Monday, April 5, 2010

Wonderful weekend

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter. With the weather so warm, it was lovely here. We went downtown on Saturday for some last-minute Easter shopping. Then Sunday I took the kids to Church. They decorated (more) eggs and ate way too much candy. After lunch, we all drove to the park and walked along the waterfront and in the woods. Here are some pics:

Emma and Rowan climbing one of the parks many rocks. On the other side of that bluff is the seaside! Not nice swimming water, though. I don't let my kids near that water--so very, very gross!
I'm up on that bluff, now, and looking to one side. There are two beaches here. This is the second one, and is (obviously) rocky. The other side (behind the camera) is sandy. Again, yucky water. I don't let the kids pick up much beach debris. Last year the water was much cleaner.

All there is to find are mussel shells, sea urchins, and the odd crab leg. And yucky stuff (won't mention what, but this is a city beach, so you can use your imagination).

Even a yucky-water beach can still be very pretty.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday at the park

It was a lovely day here. It was warm enough for the kids to run around the playground in thick sweaters, though I kept Ben's wool hat on him because he's still recovering from a nasty cold.
The kids started off by kicking a soccer ball around the field. Then off to the playground:
Rowan is rarely without a found stick. Above he is using the playground structure as a xylophone.
Rowan found a piece of concrete. He was fascinated by all the rocks buried within it. He spent a good part of our time outside trying to get them out. He pounded the rock on the granite boulders until the concrete came apart.
This picture shows one of the treasures found inside. It was a rock.
Tree climbing...
Then we checked to see what was growing in the community garden.
Then the walk back home led us past flowers and buds.

It was wonderful getting out after being nearly shut-ins during weeks of illness. I was happy every day it rained, because then I didn't feel I was missing out so much. But now we're almost all healed, spring is upon us and the days are warm. These are beautiful days and not to be missed!