Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bedtime cleanup

We have way too many toys. Too much Playmobil and Lego. Too many books, wood blocks, toy cars, engines. You name it, we have too much of it. Especially for a two-bedroom apartment!
Sure, toys can be great sources for imagination and creativity. Like these Lego people Rowan made this evening. Each one has a name to match his constructed 'personality.'
The one on the far right, for example, is 'eye-y eye'. There is 'Mister Yes/No,' 'Mister Think-y think.' Etc. Rowan's in bed right now, but I'm sure he would still remember all their names.

But all that creativity comes at a cost. A GREAT BIG MESS!!!
And the mess extended well past the bedroom, I'm afraid. As usual, I tackled the kitchen while Robert helped the kids with the toys. Even with help and lots of time, the task is tiring. Rowan wanted to keep playing! Here he is, very very unhappy I'm afraid. Lots of tears.
But don't worry--he went to bed happy. His daddy went in and played shadow puppets with him, and I read him "The Ugly Duckling" (his new favourite). Still, I have to think about how to make bedtimes more calm. Something isn't working. Perhaps toys shouldn't come out after dinner? I'd love to have routine clean-up times spread through the day, but I hate interrupting play to do this. I would love to hear any suggestions!

Sometimes I wish we had only a few toys...that would solve the problem rather quickly--"Come on, children. Put your toy away. It's bedtime." :-)

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