Sunday, March 14, 2010

Homeschool time at the park

A friend of mine created a new playgroup this past Friday for us homeschoolers. It was a surprise, really. I'd been invited out to a local park for what I thought was a playdate. But no, it was the beginning of something really wonderful. A large group of homeschoolers (twelve or so children, all friends) had gathered with us for stories, crafts, and a good time!

Here are some pics from Friday morning. Thank you so much, Dulseigh--you are wonderful!

On the left are the birdfeeders that the kids made. They were made without peanut butter (Emma's allergic).
Emma spreading margarine on a pinecone scavenged from the park.
Rowan dipping his pinecone in bird seed.
Hanging up the finished feeder.
Making a flying bird.
 Everyone had a wonderful time. And it is to become a regular (biweekly) homeschool event! We are very excited. This is exactly what I wanted homeschooling to be.

 On a sad note, today was not so fun. We travelled to my grandparents' nursing home to say goodbye to my grandad. He is dying, and it was very hard to see him so weak and having such trouble breathing. I am really going to miss him. It was his birthday today, and there was cake and balloons, but it was a very un-cheerful day.

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