Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crafts with the kids

We got out the glitter and glue today. Part of the incentive was a notice from "our friendly local library" that one of the books we have out--Usborne's Things for Girls to Make and Do--is due back soon. Here are the results of our crafty endeavors.

First we made a princess in a tower. After that, I made a crown for Rowan, inspired by the crowns in the book, but not following the instructions particularly. Emma was jealous, even though I'd helped her a great deal with making the princess tower. She stuck some feathers in her dress-up headband and refused all offers for me to make her a similar silver crown with sparkles, glitter, etc. I took a lovely picture of her angrily sticking her tongue out at Rowan, but I decided to leave that off the blog!

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