Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing Outside...

...is important. Yes, even when it's cold. It can be really hard to get the kids outside in the winter, but I find that if my kids don't get outside for free play, we all suffer for it. My daughter, Emma, wanted to stay inside today, to rest, read, and stay warm. I understand, since that's what I want to do as well. But I eventually coaxed both Emma and Rowan outside, where they immediately began playing and enjoying themselves. I know that they both will come in cold but happy, refreshed from their time outside in the fresh air. Then there will be hot chocolate and fresh muffins waiting for them. That's the time to settle down with a good book!

There are plenty of books brimming with ideas for outside play. I prefer, though, the play that develops naturally when children are engaged with nature. Cynthia Aldinger (from LifeWays North America) has written a wonderful article, "Children and Nature."

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