Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sad, happy day

Yesterday was a sad, happy day. My father picked Ben and me up and drove us to my grandparents' old apartment. They've both moved into a nursing home, so they had to say goodbye to many of their belongings. I was the happy recipient of many of these items, many of which are absolutely beautiful.

This is one of my favourite things I was given. It's a soup tureen. It's almost hideous, really. But I still love it! It reminds me of hobbits. When I see it, I think earthy flavours such as a mushroom bisque or potato and onion soup.

I couldn't even begin to list everything I was given--and for the record, most of my grandparents possessions are immediately lovely. I have a brand new sewing kit, many craft books, more knitting needles, a beautiful Native American box loaded with embroidery floss. It's very sad that my grandmother cannot use these anymore, but at least they'll be used well and appreciated (by me). And they're so full of memories. My grandmother was a very careful person; every needle, every measuring tape, everything is put away so carefully. I'm not by nature so fastidious, but I will try to treat all her cherished things with the care she would have given them.

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