Thursday, February 11, 2010

An early Valentine's gift

My husband had many surprises waiting for us when we got home yesterday from our mini-vacation. One, my order had come in from Bear Dance Crafts! He had that waiting in the car, and I had a peek at all my new rovings, felt, Ben's new book, posters, etc.

At home, we all had presents waiting. Rowan had a new hobby-horse and a new toy car. Emma had a brass-mirror with a unicorn decorating it. I think Ben was supposed to share the hobby horse. I had a new shawl from one of the fair trade shops. Rob had bought a bird-cage from 50 Hats; this is to house the Wee Folk that I had made the children for Christmas.

But best of all, Rob had drawn this picture. It is of our children playing outside what might one day be our home. It's also a bit of a 'find-it' picture, and you can see some of our treasured and defining possessions. See what you can see! You can click on the above picture to enlarge it.

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