Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wonder Book--Candlemas

Still inspired by Candlemas, I told the children a bedtime story about an old woman who lives alone, her only friends her chickens, her cow, and her bees. She collects honey and wax from the bees, and then she dips candles to last her through the dark winter. Though the sun is returning come Candlemas, she still needs her candles to lead her to bed and to help her in the early mornings.
Before we turned off the light, Emma and Rowan set their Wonder Book out for the Rhyme-elves (we have been reading the Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book). Last night the Rhyme-elves came and made a new poem about the old woman and her candles. The first picture is the woman dipping candles. The others are of a beehive and (you can't see this) of a candle lit in front of a starry window. I wonder how the Rhyme-elves come up with these poems?

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