Thursday, February 25, 2010

Modelling after a long day

I'm tired. I had my parents-in-law over for lunch, took the kids to a homeschooling science program (wonderful), and then shopped a bit with some of the money I made selling my bunny!

Then we got locked out of our apartment. I called Robert at work and he said he'd walk to meet us half-way. Part way down the street, though, I found my keys in my pocket! I quickly called Robert back before he'd left work. All the while, Ben's diaper needed to be changed. He was very stinky!
After a hasty but yummy supper of sardines, berries, and homemade bread, I took out the plasticine I'd bought the children today. Modelling is such a great way of letting them get out their experiences from the day, and to help them make sense of what goes on around them. Here are a few pics of them at work and play. The one above is of Emma imprinting her ring onto the plasticine.

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